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Used Trione edges sharpener



Portable electric tool designed for tuning the sidewall edges of skis and snowboard using a grinding cup. Trione sidewall edges sharpener uses an adjustable 12 to 20Vdc motor with turning speed regulation. Edge angle from 84° to 90° can be micrometrically regulated.

The amount of material removed, depending on the pressure of the disc on the edge, can be easily regulated. In order to keep your work area clean the sharpening tool is equipped with a magnetic retention system for the removed material.

Using Sidewall edges sharpener  you can give more durability to your ski edges than using a traditional file, without any loose about speed and handling, that means more safety and enjoyment in recreational skiing and best results in competitions.

Sidewall edges sharpener won Olympic, world championship and world cup races.

The product includes:

  • Sharpening machine
  • Power supplier
  • CBN1 grinding cup
  • Plastic toolbox
  • Instructions and cables

Another video how to use sharpener here!



Brand Trione
Year No
Used Trione edges sharpener



SKU: 10100R
Trione tool was used 3 years and serviced at regular times, it is in perfect condition. With NEW CBN1 stone, power supply and toolbox.
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